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The earth is not your ashtray.


You Can Set This Receptacle Bin Anyware

The best thing of Receptacle Bin is we can easily mount on railing pole or even directly onto a wall with easy to changeable.


Safe, Stylish And Easy To Use Design

Users can simply dropping their cigarette butt into the Receptacle Bin. A Safe, stylish and user friendly design will more attract the users for use Receptacle Bin. The Receptacle Bin is secured by locks from the bottom side so it will more safer then other receptacle bins.


We Can Recycle The Waste

Once Receptacle Bin is full anyone can easily emptying and clean. We can recycle the cigarette butt and make some better products for our lifestyle and save the environment.


Minimalistic Price

The Receptacle Bin is much lower then the other receptacle bins or dust bins so anyone can afford and use the product.


Focusing On Some More Benefits Of “Receptacle Bin”

The “Receptacle Bin” is a customisable ashtray proven to reduce cigarette butt litter.

Each “Receptacle Bin” has embossed QR Code carries the complaining and Lucky drowning futuristic future which is better for user support and that will increas the user’s interest to use the “Receptacle Bin”.
Every lucky drowning winner selection will made by computer not by human, so it will more fare for everyone.

Smokers find these ashtrays much more engaging than the alternatives and are more likely to use them.

•Reduces trash
Using “Receptacle Bin” is an effective way of reducing trash and keeping your environment clean. Moreover, “Receptacle Bin” can be used to recycle trash and thus reduce the quantity of refuse. Moreover, when people are more mindful about what they should recycle, they can sort out their cigarette butt waste only through away non-recyclable litter.

•Environmental benefits
“Receptacle Bin” also offer immense benefits to the environments. This is because it lessens the load placed on the environment by recycling materials. Moreover, recycling with the use of “Receptacle Bin” helps to reduce the need for processing and mining production for extracting materials to restore what does not get recycled.

•Financial benefits
Your “Receptacle Bin” could even earn you some financial benefits. If you collect some cigarette butt, you can earn money from your local recyclers. In fact, recycling centers usually pay based on the quantity of cigarette butt materials that you have collected at home. This means you can collect cigarett butts with using your “Receptacle Bin” and later sell them.

•Enhances appearance
Having a “Receptacle Bin” around the house, offices, shopes or any cigarette users area is a great way of enhancing the appearance of the places. This is because “Receptacle Bin” provide people with a good place of placing litter away. If “Receptacle Bin” were not available, then people would be littering cigarette butt everywhere.

In short, using a Receptacle Bin is a responsible and honorable decision that will benefit the whole environment.

Independent evaluation shows the Receptacle Bin reduces cigarette butt litter.

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